Why You Should Try Alaska Charter Fishing

Experience world class charter fishing in Alaska whether you’re a beginner or a serious angler. Alaska fishing gives you an opportunity to see the king salmon and enormous halibut. The experience is definitely unlike anywhere else in the world. Alaska charter fishing is affordable, easy and only takes a few hours. Additionally, with more than 30,000 miles of the coastline and many pristine lakes, Alaska fishing is a great getaway that you can fit on your itinerary.

If you’re planning go for fishing in Alaska, make sure to go after the amazing big Two – Salmon and Halibut. There are 5 species of salmon that range from the pan-size to almost 100 pounds, however when it comes to halibut they can weigh several hundreds of pounds. You don’t have to worry how to get your catch home since most of the charters offer the filleting, freezing and also shipping. You don’t need any experience to fish, there are guides who’ll simplify your fishing logistics and reduce the time to catch the fish.

How to do charter fishing


. You need to find out what is needed to get prepared

Most charters in Alaska are equipped with everything needed from license, life jackets, to rods and bait, which means just you need to show up. However, when booking your travel, remember to inquire if there is anything needed/recommended that you can bring.


. Dress appropriately

Keep in mind you’re fishing and therefore you’ll most likely become wet, so avoid wearing leather loafers or expensive pair of the slacks. Just wear clothes that are ok to get wet or even a bathing suit, but don’t forget to bring a clean dry towel. Sunglasses are usually valuable since they protect you from the light glinting-off the water.

. Bring Sunscreen

Charter fishing takes hours at the sea, which is a long time to be outside in the sun. Apply sunscreen to protect yourself from serious sunburns.

. Prepare yourself for sea sickness

Sometimes the ocean/sea can make your boat rocky. Therefore, if you start to feel sick, make sure to stay on the deck, which is a good area with fresh air and minimum rocking. In case you’re prone to the motion sickness, just remember to take medicine before you go for fishing.

. Bring Water

Drink a lot of water since the sun rays that reflect off the ocean water can make your day even hotter. Any effects of motion sickness can be increased by dehydration and you will feel better if you just drink a lot of water.

. Find a good fishing charter

Fishing charters are also available in Alaska, which is a great place for deep-sea fishing. You can search for the best fishing charter service that suits your needs. If you’re searching online, read the reviews from other people who have experienced Alaska charter fishing. You will learn a few things.

. Book the charter

Once you have chosen your favorite charter, its time to book. Chartered boats fill up faster, so you’re advised to book in the soonest time possible to keep your spot. In most cases you’ll be required to book a few days or weeks ahead.